Are you someone who needs communication security? Worried about the data on your smartphone being stolen by hackers? Chat snooped by a third party? We present GHOSTPHONE, a smartphone that we have modified for the security and convenience of communicating as well as your privacy.


./ Special mobile number

./ Encrypted data storage box

./ Encrypted sms inbox

./ Encrypted email

./ Detect suspicious apps

./ Premium VPN

./ Privacy of camera and microphone

./ Privacy browser

./ Privacy encrypted chat and voice call

./ Intruder detection (if HP is lost, data can be destroyed remotely)

./ Detect fake BTS

./ Detection of intercepts (eavesdropping) on ​​the wifi network

./ untraceable location (terms and conditions apply)

What makes our device special?

1. If forensics is carried out, the data cannot be read

2. If your smartphone is infected with malware, the data is not read

You can test our device by using forensic tools or inserting malware into the device

We bundle this GHOSTPHONE device in a ready-to-use Google Pixel  smartphone

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