GHOSTCHAT is a messenger application that is very suitable for use by closed groups who have limited communication and minimize contact with people outside the team, such as intelligence, police, military, finance department, board of directors, and others.

Why did you choose to use GHOSTCHAT?
1. Use your own server, making it easy to manage by team admins
2. Data is only in the internal environment, so that if there is leaked data, it can be traced its origin
3. Support multiple users (minimum 200user)

Features we provide
./ Encrypted calls
./ Encrypted chat
./ Encrypted storage media
./ Other features such as chat applications in general
./ Use your own logo

What makes our systen special?
1. If forensics are performed, the data is not readable
2. If your smartphone concedes malware, the data is illegible
3. Support up to android 12

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