Android SMARTGlasses with Face Recognition Feature

For better or worse, META works together with some glasses speciallist, we create smart glasses that  merge its technology with a facial-recognition system to help law enforcement in catch criminals.

About 100 smart glasses will be outfitted(Opens in a new window) with facial-recognition technology for use in "security operations" in the ASIA region. The resulting system will let the wearer "easily and discretely screen a crowd to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects," according to the company's press release.

This glass  doesn't require an active internet connection to work; each pair of glasses comes with a mobile server you can carry around in a satchel. The built-in camera on board the glasses will take video of the wearer's field of view. Meanwhile, the server will analyze and then match the incoming images to a database containing 1 million unique faces.

In the US, Amazon is facing public pressure to stop selling its facial-recognition system to government agencies over concerns the technology will be abused for mass surveillance. The city of San Francisco has gone as far as to ban local police and municipal agencies from ever using the technology.

"There are already cameras everywhere," the company added. "Security people, in general, rely on remembering the faces for people of interest to keep public venues safe. This kind of innovative technology can significantly help them to identify the bad guys and support their goals. It is hard to argue against technology that is available that can help keep our children and people, in general, safer."

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